Me, an Introvert?

I’ve always considered myself an introvert and all the online tests that I’ve taken agree but if you ever meet me in person you will definitely think “NO WAY!” I am what most people consider the “life of the party.” I am engaging and chatty. I make friends easily, I have no issues talking to strangers and can be the perfect host.
Growing up, as far back as I can recall all my report cards had “talks too much” in the comment section. This continued into high school but there were no report cards in college so who knew if this comment would’ve followed me there. 

Here is where I think I am an introvert. I love being at home. My idea of fun is being at home cozied (I don’t think that is a word but I’m going to keep it 😂) up with a book or watching movies. I don’t ever get the urge to go to the mall. I do most of my shopping online lol. I am never bored being at home.  I enjoy a small gathering with 3-5 of my best friends but big gatherings drain the heck out of me. I’m left feeling like I need to recuperate the next day every time that I attend a big function. I don’t hate going out and enjoy my time when I’m out but I’d rather be home or in a small gathering. 

Am I an introvert?

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